Idea of the website

  • INTRODUCTION is an Internet website whose objective is the widely understood education in the field of sexual minorities and their perception in Poland. Its subtitle is: “A Positively Homosexual Portal.” We want to counter the myths and challenge the stereotypes about homosexuals. Our ambition is to facilitate social acceptance of gays and lesbians in Poland.



    The name of the website, “homiki” is a neologism, which combines the word homosexaul with the Polish word “chomik” meaning hamster. We feel that presently used in Polish terms either sound too scientific or are negatively biased. That is why we are trying to coin a new, positive term for homosexual people.



  • AIMS
    In order to build up a positive, clear-cut image of gay people, our actions are two-pronged: through the internal education and external promotion. The internal education is directed at gaymen and lesbians. We present people living happily in stable relationships, help in self-acceptance, offer support to those who need it, co-operate with other such groups and organisations. The external promotion is addressed to parents of gay children and the heterosexual majority of the society, who, more often than not, show homophobic attitudes. Rejecting stereotypes of gay people as the promiscuous and the ill is the primary objective. We want to help people overcome their prejudicies and fears.



    With a view to achieving our aims we:
    • publish specialistic articles dealing with homosexuality in the field of history, sociology and psychology;
    • promote the model of living in a stable, long-lasting relationship;
    • help young people to acccept their sexuality, encourage coming-out and an open (but not abnoxious) lifestyle;
    • support parents of gay children;
    • do the matchmaking;
    • do the psychological counselling and offer medical advice;
    • organise leisure and provide entertainment;
    • publish gay and lesbians’ productions;
    • help integrate disabled homosexuals into the community.



    The site does not include the following:
    • erotic or pornographic contents;
    • links to other erotic sites;
    • adverts or commercials for saunas or other premises directed exclusively at eroticism.



  • COSTS AND FINANCE is a non-commercial website. The cost of the domain and of the maintainance is borne by the team. Everybody co-operating with us does so on a voluntary basis. The editors do not raise any revenue from running the website.



  • CO-OPERATION WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS, “a positively homosexual portal,” does limit its activity to the Internet. We do not intend to compete with any existing organisation but welcome all groups promoting a healthy attitude to homosexuality to co-operation. We are willing to include e-links, address or offer a sub-site to any such group.


contact: listy (at)

translating: Konrad Dutkowski


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Konrad Dutkowski

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